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Backup and Recovery Using Disk-Based Storage

Disk-based storage is quickly becoming the de facto method for best practices backup and recovery. This article explains what's powering the trend.

Backup and recovery experts at Gartner Group predict that "Recovery will move to online disk-based storage in the future. This will cause a major shift in the backup market during the next four to five years."

Gartner Group notes that, "The need for high-performance online recovery of data, combined with the availability of low-cost disk arrays, has influenced enterprises and small and midsize businesses to adopt a disk-based approach for backup and recovery."

Recent advances in design and manufacturing of disk storage have led to falling prices and performance advantages, making disk-based storage very attractive. Disks are more durable, last longer, have faster read and write times, are less prone to failure, and are less susceptible to theft. It is also much easier to encrypt backup data to disk than it is to encrypt backup data to tape.

For all of these reasons, it's a wise move for your organization to concentrate its backup and recovery plans on recovery solutions that leverage disk-based storage.