Business Continuity

Without a business continuity plan in place, your business is at risk.

Our articles teach you business continuity planning best practices and help you plan for a wide variety of worst-case scenarios, from a simple hard drive failure to a full-scale natural disaster.

This site is exclusively dedicated to assisting small and mid-sized businesses.

Business Continuity Scenarios

Looking for business continuity scenarios that should be addressed in your business continuity plans? Here are some disruptive events that should be addressed in every business continuity plan.

Business Continuity Versus Disaster Recovery

In this article, we compare and contrast business continuity versus disaster recovery.

Business Continuity Planning Approach

Understanding the risks of not having a business continuity plan in place is the first step in making sure you are prepared for a disaster.

Business Continuity Plan Value

What can happen if you don't have good business continuity plans in place for your organization?

Small Business Business Continuity Planning

When it comes to small business business continuity planning, there didn't used to be many good options.

Definition of Business Continuity

Business continuity is a discipline that allows businesses to survive everything from local hard drive failures to a global disaster.