Recommended Solutions

Business Continuity Software

In the market for business continuity software? You may want to consider using our managed services business continuity solution.

A growing proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises have become so dependent on their IT/network operations that they can no longer afford downtime or poor performance.

We install a NAS device at your location and remotely manage all your backup and recovery functions for you.

This is one of the most sophisticated yet affordable backup and recovery solutions for small businesses and mid-sized companies.

There are advanced restoration options like file and folder level restorations, with Exchange message and mailbox recovery and bare metal restorations to dissimilar hardware. Within hours, the NAS device can also be configured to function as a virtual server if needed.

If you are tired of management intensive, error-prone tape backups and want much more in a disaster recovery solution, forget business continuity software and try our managed services instead.